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December 13 2011

Proposed roundabout continues to divide neighborhood

A proposal to cap off a $7.5 million redesign on 22nd Street with a single-lane roundabout was a done deal nearly four years ago. Full Story

December 12 2011

Final public meeting about roundabout Tuesday

Local residents have one more chance to talk to transportation officials about the proposed roundabout at Sherrill’s Ford and Briggs roads. Full Story

December 12 2011

Ste. Anne de Bellevue overpasses closed since March could be replaced with a roundabout

The two overpasses off westbound Highway 40 that have been closed due to crumbling infrastructure could very well be replaced with a roundabout, according to Ste. Anne de Bellevue Mayor Francis Deroo. Full Story

December 12 2011

Your Guide to Edmonds' Roundabout

The city releases documents and videos supporting the project at Five Corners. Full Story

December 12 2011

Cotati Roundabout Debate Nears Final Turn

Cotati's on-going debate over traffic roundabouts downtown may come to a conclusion this week. Full Story

December 9 2011

NDDOT planning for first roundabout on a state road

The North Dakota Department of Transportation is making plans for its first roundabout on a state highway. The roundabout would be installed at a heavily used intersection near Killdeer. Full Story

December 9 2011

96th/Keystone plan meets resistance

A group of Northside Indianapolis businesses and a powerful Nora neighborhood group are pressuring the state transportation department to step in and stop the city of Carmel from transforming one of its most congested intersections -- 96th and Keystone -- into a roundabout interchange. Full Story

December 9 2011

City of Cotati Urges Council to Adopt Roundabouts Streetscape Plan

The Cotati City Coucil will vote on the city's recommendation to adopt the "Village Main Street" plan Wednesday, Dec. 14. The plan includes building two roundabouts on Old Redwood Highway. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. at Cotati City Hall. Full Story

December 8 2011

St. Joseph Blvd. roundabout: a year in review

Roundabouts have been the talk of the town in Orléans lately. While residents mull over the proposed five roundabouts on Trim Rd., the City of Ottawa delivered a presentation to the Orléans Business Improvement Area regarding how well the community has embraced the one at St. Joseph Blvd., after a year in operation. Full Story

December 8 2011

New Valpo roundabout opening this weekend

The roundabout at Silhavy and Vale Park roads will open to traffic in all directions this weekend. Full Story

December 7 2011


Caledon’s first roundabout is now open at Olde Base Line Road and Dixie Road and in order to avoid any confusion or frustration the Caledon Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are offering motorists some simple tips on navigating roundabouts. Roundabouts are intersections where traffic flows in a counter clockwise circle around a centre island. Full Story

December 6 2011

AARP Enlists Traffic Expert to Fix Main Street

A new voice joined the fight to make Main Street safer Monday afternoon as nationally recognized traffic specialist Dan Burden gave a walking tour along the roadway and presented ideas on how to make it safe, pedestrian friendly and more vibrant for business. Full Story

December 6 2011

Roundabout eyed for Midland U.S. 10 Business Route crossover

A $1.3 million modern roundabout could make the Patrick Road and U.S. 10 Business Route crossover safer for motorists, according to a report from the Michigan Department of Transportation. Full Story

December 5 2011

Roundabout added at Forsyth Co. intersection

The first roundabout at the intersection of two county roads is now in use at the intersection of Hopewell and Jot-em-Down roads in northern Forsyth County. Full Story

December 5 2011

New Roundabout Starting To Crack

A new intersection is starting to crumble. The roundabout at Netherland Inn Road in Kingsport was finished just a few months ago. Now, parts of the curb are cracking. Full Story

December 5 2011

City considering North Davies mini roundabouts

Some drivers really like them and some are still getting use to them, but they are likely here to stay: the modern roundabout intersection. Full Story

December 5 2011

Malta town officials say new roundabout is doing its job, alleviating traffic congestion around Luther Forest Technology Campus

When residents expressed concerns about traffic near the Luther Forest Technology Campus earlier this summer, town officials remained hopeful a roundabout would alleviate some of the congestion. Full Story

December 3 2011

Homeowners seek rezoning; residents are worried about effects of proposed roundabout

Putting a roundabout on Stearns County Road 120 may help traffic flow, but residents are concerned about how it will affect them. Full Story

December 2 2011

More roundabouts needed in Chilliwack

Seeing yet another set of traffic lights being erected at the four-way crossing on Tyson/South Sumas made me wonder why we continue to build these when a more cost efficient, safer and environmentally-friendly alternative exists that is completely unaffected by power outages. We have one roundabout, why are we not building more? Full Story

December 2 2011

City of Normal gets US EPA 'smart growth' award for success of traffic roundabout

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is recognizing the City of Normal for a "smart growth" initiative — a traffic roundabout. Full Story

December 2 2011

Roundabouts can be a big benefit to traffic flow

They have been used in Europe for years. They were even mentioned in one of the Beatles’ hits (Penny Lane). Roundabouts are starting to make their presence felt in this part of the world. Full Story

December 2 2011

County's first roundabout completed

The first roundabout at the intersection of two county roads is now in use at the intersection of Hopewell and Jot-em-Down roads in north Forsyth County. Full Story

December 1 2011

Riding the roundabout

The city of Montrose held a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday for the opening of the new roundabout at Ogden and Woodgate roads. Some of the first vehicles to use the new intersection were a school bus, fire truck and truck with a horse trailer. Full Story

December 1 2011

Getting Around On A Roundabout

Officials Say Roundabouts Are Safer, But Do People Know How To Use Them? Full Story

November 30 2011

Peel’s First Roundabout Benefits Drivers, Environment and Accomodates Farm Vehicles

The first roundabout constructed by the Region of Peel was commemorated today at Dixie Road and Olde Base Line Road in Caledon. The roundabout is the first in Peel to involve two Regional roads and is in keeping with the Region’s position to encourage and improve traffic safety. Full Story

November 30 2011

Goleta planners ponder roundabouts for Old Town Goleta

Old Town Goleta may soon be home to roundabouts. Officials want to improve traffic on Hollister Avenue and allow better access to Old Town’s industrial section. Full Story

November 30 2011

Uxbridge drivers just go with the flow

Uxbridge is starting to put a stop to all the stopping and starting.... Full Story

November 30 2011

Meeting set to discuss East Tampa roundabout

Residents are invited to a community meeting to discuss and vote on a single-lane roundabout which is part of a redesign of 22nd Street at its intersection with 21st Avenue. Full Story

November 30 2011

Killdeer’s roundabout controversy

Though the deadline for comments has expired, Killdeer residents are still asking for public opinion on a proposed traffic-controlling device for a busy intersection south of town. Full Story

November 30 2011

Roundabout Plan for Goleta

Goleta - It is full speed ahead for the City of Goleta and its plan to improve Hollister Avenue and the Old Town neighborhood. It's a place that has not seen very many upgrades in recent years and it may soon look a lot different. Full Story

November 30 2011

'A very big deal': Traffic signal a cause for Key Peninsula festivity

For more than 60 years, a four-way flashing light guided drivers through a busy intersection in Key Center. After years of planning and some community consternation, the flashing yellow beacon on Key Peninsula Highway North was taken down and the intersection’s first traffic signal system was turned on last week. Full Story

November 30 2011

Is the roundabout the solution to our traffic woes?

Roundabouts keep traffic moving, are safer than normal intersections, help reduce fuel consumption, and just make sense. So why aren't they more common here? Full Story

November 30 2011

Roundabout drives around major obstacle

The city's concerns about contamination at the former Hollywood Video site were a "red herring," an attorney for the property owner says. Full Story

November 29 2011

Nampa shies away from Lake Lowell/Midland roundabout

Mayor Tom Dale and Nampa City Council members re-addressed the intersection of Lake Lowell Avenue and Midland Road Monday during the City Council meeting. Full Story

November 23 2011

Roundabouts 101

City provides advice to residents who may experience new traffic elements for first time. Full Story

November 22 2011

What goes around

“I MEAN, it’s round, how difficult can it be?” asks the front-desk attendant at the Renaissance Hotel in Carmel, exasperated, when asked whether visitors struggle to navigate the town’s many roundabouts. Carmel, just north of Indianapolis, has 70 of them—more than any other city in America. Full Story

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