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July 24 2012

Lompoc roundabout remains controversial

Three years ago, Caltrans presented plans at a meeting in Lompoc for a roundabout, or traffic circle, on Highway 246 at the intersection with La Purisima Road just east of Lompoc. The idea was to slow traffic and eliminate deadly high-speed, broadside collisions. Full Story

July 24 2012

Crash-prone roundabout in Raleigh will close Friday night for safety fix

Workers will use plastic and paint Friday night to simplify the eccentric roundabout at the N.C. State University Bell Tower, reducing it from two lanes to one. Full Story

July 24 2012

Blue Earth County approves two-lane roundabout

The Blue Earth County Board gave its approval Tuesday to a two-lane roundabout at Madison Avenue and Highway 22 after tabling the issue in April. Full Story

July 23 2012

Fredericton turns to roundabouts for intersections

Fredericton drivers should start getting used to navigating around roundabouts because the city is planning to add more traffic circles in the coming years, according to a traffic engineer. Full Story

June 21 2012

Roundabout next step in Webb City development

Work will soon begin on a new roundabout on a busy main thoroughfare in Webb City, Missouri. Full Story

June 21 2012

Work continues on roundabouts near Roberts

Work is continuing on various intersections near Roberts as roundabouts are installed. Full Story

June 20 2012

Another roundabout on Woodbury streets? City officials make case

Woodbury City Council members said they were surprised to see Washington County’s Radio Drive plans without a roundabout. Full Story

June 19 2012

City to spend $338,000 on roundabout at intersection of 18th Avenue and Garrard Street

Columbus Council voted Tuesday to spend $338,000 to build a peanut-shaped roundabout at the intersection of 18th Avenue and Garrard Street at the northwest corner of Lakebottom Park. Full Story

June 11 2012

Kent Fire Chief James Williams changes mind, now supports plan for roundabouts

Kent’s fire chief has agreed to support a plan to build two roundabouts on East Summit Street near Kent State University’s campus after previously arguing for traditional intersections instead. Full Story

June 11 2012

Roundabout coming to Athens intersection?

Drivers can weigh in this week on whether they want a roundabout or a traffic signal at a West Athens intersection. Full Story

June 5 2012

City Picks Roundabout Plan for Tamiami Trail

Roundabouts would be placed at 10th and 14th streets along Tamiami Trail as part of Bayfront Connectivity transportation. Full Story

June 4 2012

96th and Keystone roundabout project dropped from fast-track list

The city of Carmel's plan to convert the busy 96th and Keystone intersection into one of its signature roundabout interchanges has hit a snag. Full Story

April 30 2012

Roundabout project is helped by completed road work funds

More than $85,000 left over from a city project in the 1990s could help pay for a new roundabout in West Keene. Full Story

April 13 2012

Roundabouts Now e-Zine 4th Edition Available!

Read the following articles on modern roundabouts: (a) Calibrating Roundabout Simulation Models to Deterministic Capacity Relationships; (b) Montana’s Roundabout Corridor; (c) Lessons Learned – Minnesota’s First Fully Multi-lane Roundabout; (d) The Impact of Roundabouts on Traffic Flows and Business. Full Story

April 9 2012

Salem roundabout work to begin

Construction of a new roundabout is scheduled to begin April 16 at Salem Four Corners. Full Story

March 29 2012

WisDOT expected to host roundabout meeting in April

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is expected to host a public hearing on a proposal to locate roundabout at the Highway 45 and K intersection, Bristol village Trustee Carolyn Owens announced at Monday’s Village Board meeting. Full Story

March 26 2012

Superior roundabout included in plans to revamp Bong Bridge

The Twin Ports is in line to get its first roundabout exit when the Bong Bridge undergoes major rehabilitation starting in 2014. Full Story

March 26 2012

Highway 20 roundabout under construction

Caltrans has started building a roundabout on Highway 20 at Nice-Lucerne Cutoff Road in an attempt to improve safety at the Lake County intersection. Full Story

March 23 2012

11 and counting: another roundabout planned, this one at Geddes and Ridge roads

Whether you like them or loathe them, roundabouts are fast becoming a fact of driving life throughout Washtenaw County. Full Story

March 15 2012

Tenders called for construction of new roundabouts

The province is planning new roundabouts at two major highway intersections in the coming construction season. Tenders were announced today. Full Story

March 14 2012

Tulsa roundabout set for May completion

Tulsa's first modern traffic "roundabout" is under construction in downtown and scheduled to be done at the end of May. Full Story

March 14 2012

MDOT: Roundabout to have positive impact on safety

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is proposing a $1.3 million roundabout project in Midland County that officials say will have a long-term positive impact on safety in the area. Full Story

March 14 2012

Twinsburg latest battleground in debate over traffic roundabouts

The region’s fascination with roundabouts is hitting a speed bump in Twinsburg, where some residents are fighting plans to include two in road improvement projects. Full Story

March 12 2012

Second roundabout proposed for Eastern Shore

The intersection of Baldwin County 64 and 13 could be turned into the second roundabout on the Eastern Shore under a proposal by Baldwin County government and city of Daphne officials. Full Story

March 9 2012

Springfield Roundabout Increases Safety

In the past few years, the city of Springfield amped up its efforts to keep its streets safe for drivers and pedestrians. Full Story

March 9 2012

Roundabouts Now e-Zine 3rd Edition Available!

Read the following articles on modern roundabouts: (a) Build Some Roundabouts, Save Some Lives; (b) A Framework for Roundabout Capacity Analysis; (c) Constructing Roundabouts: From the Inside-Out; (d)Radial, Left or Right Offset Alignment and Roundabout Vehicle Speeds; (e) Slovenian Roundabouts: We Did It Our Way. Full Story

March 8 2012

Bridlewood roundabout set for summer construction

Construction of a roundabout in Bridlewood is set to begin this summer to help alleviate congestion during the morning and afternoon rush hours. Full Story

March 8 2012

Hillsborough St. roundabout could get makeover

The City of Raleigh is looking at making changes to the roundabout on Hillsborough Street to help with the increase in fender benders. Full Story

March 6 2012

PITTSFIELD TOWNSHIP: Road commission discusses roundabout planned at State Street and Ellsworth Road

Congestion at the intersection of State and Ellsworth roads during rush hour is already bad. Add in expected population growth and the traffic from the soon-to-be-opened Costco, and local officials anticipate the situation to be bleak, to say the least. Full Story

March 3 2012

Route 1 study advocates more roundabouts

A new study examining how redesigning Route 1 in the western part of town could reduce traffic accidents and improve traffic flow suggests putting the corridor on a "diet" by reducing the number of lanes in areas and adding roundabouts. Full Story

March 2 2012

Build these new roundabouts

If you thought all the anguished complaints about a new, crash-prone roundabout in Kitchener would convince local politicians to hit the brakes, think again. Full Story

March 1 2012

East El Paso Residents Oppose Plans For Roundabout

A proposal to install a roundabout in East El Paso has the City spinning its wheels. Full Story

March 1 2012

Residents Start Anti-Roundabout Petition; Council Member Starts Website

With many Twinsburg residents coming forward in opposition to the proposed road constrction at State Route 91, opponents have now started an online petition. Full Story

March 1 2012

Old Town roundabout talks keep going in circles

The discussion about building a roundabout at a busy downtown Fort Collins intersection continues to go around and around for city officials and the community. Full Story

March 1 2012

New Malta roundabouts plan back to square one

A proposal that would have added two more roundabouts to the 13 that are already in town is headed back to the drawing board. Full Story

February 29 2012

Buggies, bikes could struggle at roundabouts

Installing a traffic circle at Routes 222 and 662 at Moselem Springs might keep big rigs flowing through the busy intersection, but what about bicycles and horse-drawn buggies driven by the area's Old Order Mennonites? Full Story

February 28 2012

Urbana council drops roundabout proposal

Following weeks of debate, the Urbana City Council on Monday night dropped a proposal to build roundabouts at two key intersections, but residents should expect discussions on the circular intersections to continue in to the future. Full Story

February 27 2012

Urbana to revisit proposal to install roundabouts

City council members will continue their discussion of installing roundabouts at two key intersections when they meet Monday night. Full Story

February 27 2012

New roundabout coming to 97A and Ohme Garden Road

The state Department of Transportation will build a roundabout this summer on Highway 97A where it intersects both Ohme Garden Road and Stemilt Warehouse Way. Full Story

February 27 2012

Roundabout construction to start soon

Construction will start soon for a roundabout at Trophy Club and Trophy Lake drives. The town received five bids from contractors and in a unanimous vote Feb. 20, council awarded the bid to the lowest bidder, CPS Civil Llc. of Duncanville. Full Story

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