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For years now, new roundabouts have been constructed in many parts of North America. Although the exact number of roundabouts is not known, it is estimated that North America now has 3,000+ modern roundabouts and counting. Founded for the sole purpose of educating, advocating and informing on modern roundabouts matters, the Roundabouts Now website and e-magazine are the world’s only and most exclusive media channels entirely dedicated to the dissemination of modern roundabout information. The name “Roundabouts Now,” also acts as a call-to-action and is especially important and timely, as roundabouts become a common sight in North America.

The Roundabouts Now media channel is owned and operated by Daimara Services Inc. The media business is managed by a group of seasoned professional engineers and entrepreneurs who have over the years been involved in roundabout design, offered roundabout training and developed roundabout related software. Other than maintaining the information portal, the Roundabouts Now e-magazine provides thousands of subscribers consisting of the general public, industry leaders and professionals with up-to-date roundabout design information, latest news, trends and insightful analysis on roundabouts.

We invite you to join us in exploring this exciting world of modern roundabouts. Hopefully, we will all learn from each other.

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At Roundabouts Now, we are committed to serving our clients in a prompt, reliable, and courteous manner. Please contact us by phone, email or regular mail.

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